the beginning of a manifesto, comment away

#8thMay2015 is a response to the UK General Election of 7th May 2015.

A movement to create a confident progressive alternative to the dictating ideology of these precarious times. An assertion of imagination and loveliness to counter a culture of fear and uncertainty.

Not party political and free for anyone to draw inspiration. A complement to all the other like-minded initiatives out there. Everyone is also encouraged to join a political party and get involved with making it better

Aims to be practical. Participating in politics is not always easy, but we can make a toolkit for anyone to use for better engagement and more meaningful agency.

Part of this toolkit will be tactics to make connections with people who may be politically different, to make better conversation with them, and perhaps to change minds where it matters.

Part of this toolkit will be tactics for identifying and challenging the systems of the dictating ideology in play in our everyday lives.

Mobilising online but the real work will happen in person and in communities.

Likely an open structure of networked small groups, with small working parties self-assembling.

Easy for people to take part for 5 minutes every so often, or to get more involved as and when they can.

It’s tagged #8thMay2015 for now, and will find its name when it’s ready.

If you’d like to get involved in building what happens next, mail 8thMaytwentyfifteen@gmail.com and say ‘building’.

There’s an invitation to write a message, make a badge here.


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