#8thMay2015 – a message, a badge

Remember what you felt on the morning of 8th May 2015 as the election result sank in. All the feelings and the thoughts running alongside these. And where it leaves you now in response, a week or more on.

Write a message expressing any of this to your future self. Handwrite it if possible, it will feel better. You’re the only person who is ever going to read this note so don’t worry about it being polished. And then find a place to keep it safe. Take a photo too for safe keeping.

You’re writing this message this so that in 3 years’ time, or any other time in the future it’s feeling hard, you’ve got a message from yourself telling you why to keep on keeping on.

And finally, if you like, make a badge.

pick something/s that can represent your message in public.

…perhaps a single phrase or just one word (which might be a code only you’ll respond)

…or an image

…or a song

Any or all of these or anything else. Together they make your badge. They don’t have to be literal, they don’t have to be gloomy, they can be as poetic and joyful (or simple and straightforward) as you like.

And if you like, send your badge to 8thMaytwentyfifteen@gmail.com (just so we can remind you in 3 years or any other time you might like reminding)

If you’d like to share your badge online, please tag with #8thMay2015

If you’d like to get involved in building what happens next, mail 8thMaytwentyfifteen@gmail.com and say ‘building’.

There’s the beginning of a manifesto here.


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